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EZlocal Perseveres Through the 2011 Chicago Blizzard

The Chicago Blizzard of 2011

(This photo, “Four Lanes Become Two-Lane Boulevard Overnight” is copyright (c) 2011 tnachtrab and made available under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 license)

Chicago was a ghost town on Wednesday. Of course, 60 mph winds and 20 inches of snow will do that to any city. The conditions were brutal and most businesses threw in the towel, closing their doors for the day. However, EZlocal isn't most businesses.

EZlocal helps small businesses get found all across the country. The streets of Port St. Lucie, Florida and Austin, Texas and Roseville, California did not look like this. The streets in those towns were clear, and full of business owners who depend on EZlocal to drive customers through their doors.

That's why our president, Jim Tracy, braved a travel ban in his county and arrived at the office in time to conduct his regular morning webinar. In fact, that's why over 50% of our staff pushed through the impossible weather and put in another hard day of work for America's small businesses. And the other half of our staff? Well, they got stuck trying:

Jordan gets stuck trying to come to work.

Jordan, you may have only made it 10 feet before getting stuck, but you tried. And it's that spirit that separates EZlocal from the rest.


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