Google AdWords and/or Places (Maps) Meets Daily Offers?

So it was confirmed last week: Google intends to launch Google Offers and directly compete with Groupon. Did we expect anything less from Big G? And if they were willing to spend $6 billion to buy the company, rest assure they are willing to pool together vast resources to build a noble competitor. This was perhaps an inevitable outcome as Google penetrates deeper and deeper into monetizing Local Search. This kind of friendly, or not so friendly, competition bodes well for business owners, online advertisers as well as shoppers. And EZlocal is excited about any opportunity that allows small businesses to further build their local presence, increase sales, and interact in more meaningful ways with their community.

There are still plenty of unknowns in how these daily deals will be rolled out. There’s no question Google is well positioned to roll Offers out. Whether it’s via Places, AdWords, or a hybrid of their Offer Ads beta is TBD.

Compliments of Mashable, we’ve been able to get a sneak-peak at what a Google Offers page could look like for an Indian Restaurant:

Google Offers to Challenge Groupon

It will be very interesting to see how Google Offers is integrated into the SERPs - if at all. Will these daily deals be delivered purely by email to service subscribers or will Google be introducing these irresistible deals via Local Search? The latter certainly makes for an interesting proposition. What if a search for “restaurants” in your hometown yielded multiple daily deal offers in the Sponsored Ads section? Conversion.