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Help EZlocal Become the Next Groupon!

Just a year ago Groupon, a deal-of-the-day website that uses collective buying power to offer steep discounts to its local subscribers, was in only 20 cities and expressed their hopes “to reach 1 million email subscribers in the very near future.” Today, Groupon is in 88 U.S. cities, has over 13 million subscribers and is valued at more than 1 billion dollars. Is your head spinning? Well, it should be, as Forbes magazine dubbed Groupon “the fastest growing company ever.”

It might also interest you to know that, 11 months ago, Groupon was recognized at the 2009 Chicago Innovation Awards as one of the ten most innovative companies based in Chicago. That same night, Groupon would also capture the People’s Choice Award, an award chosen by users at the Chicago Innovation Awards’ website. A few short months later Groupon secured the $135 million that fueled their explosive growth. The rest is history.

Today, EZlocal is proud to announce the selection of our Zuluz Search as a finalist in the Technology and Consumer Services category of the 2010 Chicago Innovation Awards. Also, much like Groupon the year before, we are a finalist for the People’s Choice Award too, which you can vote for here.

Vote EZlocal!

While voting doesn’t influence the winner of the official technology awards, it is the deciding factor in the People’s Choice category, which we think we can win, but only with your help!

Click here to view EZlocal’s page at the Chicago Innovation Awards. Click “Register” and fill out the required info and THEN place your vote. It will say you have 4 votes left after you have placed your vote. Feel free to vote for other companies if you like their innovation!

If you could, please forward this on to your email list and social media friends. It only takes a minute and you can change our world without spending a dime!

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