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How-to: Opt out of Yellow Pages

A little know website by the Yellow Pages Association,, offers consumers a place to find their local yellow page providers and instructions on how to opt out from receiving yellow page publications.

With the universal accessibility of the internet, the growing number of local searches, it is surprising to me how much business owners pay to be in yellow pages.  We highlighted earlier in the year the declining empire that was the yellow pages, and continue help business owners save money by advertising through new mediums.  The majority of Americans are connected to the internet every second of the day, either at home, on their cell phone, or even through their GPS system in their cars. On the go, finding a business online has never been so simple, and so immediate.

Yellow Page Recycling

Small businesses just don't have the money to spend frivolously, especially on marketing campaigns that do not work. This is typically the case for small businesses. A business who advertises with the yellow pages typically does not get their money's worth. To find out how your business fares, ask your customers how they found you and keep track of the results. Chances are they were directed to your business through a search engine, referred by others, or through word of mouth. Many businesses have taken note of this change and have channeled a larger portion of their budget towards getting listed online. The internet has a plethora of options for finding small businesses online. Toss your yellow pages in the recycling, use it as a booster seat, or substitute for firewood, and claim and take control of your business listing today!

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