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A Local Search Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Local Search Engines and Directories?

Yesterday, we here at EZlocal stumbled upon Sporcle, a trivia quiz website on which users have a set time limit to name all of the items within a given subject. After bumbling through a few quizzes on history and geography, we searched for a quiz on a topic we truly excel at: Local Search. Much to our chagrin, no such quiz existed. So we made one.

We organized 40 of the top local search players by U.S. Traffic Rank and Worldwide Alexa Rank. How many of the top local search engines and directories can you name? Go to Sporcle and take the local search quiz now!

Local Search Engines and Directories Quiz.

When you finish the quiz tweet your score @EZLOCAL, we want to know how you did! Also, let us know what you thought of the game. Easy? Hard? Any glaring omissions? Any sites make the list that shouldn't have?

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