Local Search and Social Share

Local Search and Social Sharing on Facebook and Twitter

A few months ago, we added some additional social sharing features to every business profile on EZlocal. We kind of snuck it in, so here's the official blog announcement. It's now easier (and has been for the past few months) for users to "recommend" a business they like on EZlocal, and publish this on Facebook and Twitter. With these social sharing features, we've opened new ways for users to share information and for business owners to reach a much broader audience.

As an example, I looked up Epic Burger on EZlocal and from their profile simply clicked the big blue Recommend button because I totally recommend their greasy mess of a burger.

Every EZlocal business profile has a Facebook Recommend Feature.

And just like that ... "Dave Cosper recommends Epic Burger - Hamburger Restaurant - Chicago, IL 60614" shows up on my Facebook News Feed for all my friends to digest -- and click on and recommend themselves if they want. It's social sharing made easy.

A link to your Recommendation will appear on your Facebook News Feed for all to see.

Soon we'll be taking this to the next level and integrating Facebook Connect, so all site users will easily be able to login to EZlocal using their Facebook credentials. It's on the to-do list.

The "Tweet This" feature works the same way - an active Tweet link will populate almost instantly on Twitter for all your followers to see.

Bottom line is, if you're a business owner or a site user, help us out and both recommend and Tweet your favorite businesses -- it's a great way to introduce not only EZlocal to your friends but also your favorite business with your reviews and ratings.