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Claim Your Health & Safety Badge on EZlocal

With health and safety measures in place at the majority of local businesses around the country, EZlocal would like to share and promote steps being taken to deliver services in a safe and healthy manner on Businesses with policies in place related to COVID-19 measures can now claim and prominently display their Health & Safety badge on the EZlocal directory.

Our search friendly badges, also referred to as Zuluz, not only help businesses stand out on our directory, but also help business listings better index in search engine results. Our new 'Health & Safety' badge will give customers confidence your services are delivered in a safe way. Businesses using these attributes may see more engagement or an improved response from customers who are looking for assurances.

Adding your COVID-19 'Health & Safety' badge is EZ!

Be one of the first to claim your featured badge. All you need to do is log in to your EZlocal directory listing, Once logged in, simply navigate to the tab Features tab.

Provide details on how your business qualifies for the Health & Safety badge. You can also choose additional badges like Delivery Available, Wi-Fi Hotspot, and more.

Health & safety features - a Local Search trend

Joining the herd, Google recently introduced similar "health & safety" business attributes tied to COVID-19, coinciding to features introduced by Yelp and TripAdvisor (e.g., Staff wear masks, Appointment required, etc.). These new attributes are appearing in local search results, directory results, and the Google Maps app.

The new attributes in Google My Business are category dependent so these new health & safety attributes aren't showing up for all business categories, but the attributes are consistent with the numerous COVID-related changes and features Google has introduced.

Got photos to share?

In addition to adding your claiming badge, if you have any recent photos of your team wearing protective gear or anything you feel would be appropriate to demonstrate COVID-19 health & safety measures, please log in to your profile and add them today. You can also email your photos to We're not only looking for photos to feature on your EZlocal directory listing, but if you've signed up with EZlocal Pro services, we can update your website, Google My Business, and social media profiles.

Why do we call our badges Zuluz?

Aside from just sounding cool, the name Zuluz was inspired by the word Zulu. The Zulu people have a long tradition of being small merchants and traders. It is also a palindrome, which can be read the same way both forwards and backwards, and that is representative of our users, coming and going, back and forth. It is a late night out with friends and you are craving some food. You are looking to find a pizza place that is both open late and accepts credit cards. Before, no matter what site you used, this would normally take several search steps, assuming this information was even available. Now, with EZlocal, you can do this all at once. Type in "pizza", "your location" and choose as many Zuluz categories as you want to get search results you are looking for -- in one easy step!

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