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Behold! EZlocal Rolls Out Samples Aimed At Empowering Customers Throughout The Web Design Process

Remember what they say about people who assume? Now there’s a saying that still holds true. Seeing how easy it is to become unintentionally guilty of this, the Web Team here at EZlocal has been hard at work on a new project and we’re hoping it’ll prove to be a real game-changer.

It’s a new website that houses a series of successful past websites (that’s success as measured by our customers as well as their own customers). These websites were all developed in collaboration by the EZlocal Web Team. 

The idea is that new clients will be able to sift through these websites in order to gain a feel for what they’d like to see in their own site. As questions arise, they'll be able to discuss them in real-time while discussing their needs and the needs of their customers. Plus they’ll be able to refer to pages the Account Managers and Web Team will have equally fluid access to.

It should make for better, more efficient communication and, most importantly, allow for a more seamless process when it comes to bringing your vision to life, something we take very personally here in the Web Team.

So, in summary, it’ll do everything we currently do—just more expeditiously.

Of the 12 sites featured, there's an HVAC website, a restaurant website, an accountant website—but what’s particularly cool about these sites is that they’re not industry specific. Say you’re a car dealership, for example, but like the layout of a contractor’s site who’s showcased here. That’s perfectly fine—we can deliver something very much in-line with your vision while tailoring it to your specific car dealership.

Think of it as an effort on our part to reaffirm our commitment to our customers, an effort where we assume nothing and endeavor to hit all the right notes—notes that deliver results. That’s our part. For your part, just remember the old adage: there are no stupid questions. The building of a website is a joint effort, after all. Thankfully, it just got that much more streamlined!