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Holiday Nostalgia And Technology: A Look At Where We’ve Been And How Far We’ve Come

 It’s nearing December, the time of year when people here in the midwest can be seen driving around town with a miniature mountain of snow resting on the roof of their car. For those who are busy enough, it’s a sight that can go undisturbed for well after a week of any given snowfall. Who among us hasn’t been there, in one of these portable snow globes? Say what you will about visibility—it’s always a good laugh to see: all these everyday people on their way to work with a snowy, billowing mohawk perched atop their vehicle.

What’s more, few are spared! Some people have a garage, but the majority of vehicles on the road serve as a snapshot of time and place. You could be suddenly dropped into the area—teleport even—and still, you’d get an immediate sense of the scene: it’s the holiday season, it’s cold, and people are in a hurry. It’s an illustration of where we’ve been, just as consumer trends of the past, along with big-ticket wish-list items, tell us something about where we’ve collectively been.

In the spirit of the holiday season, of looking back and taking stock (we want to know where we’ve been and how far we’ve come, don’t we?), we’re covering the evolution of tech in the last three decades, a subject of interest for most everyone these days, whether kid, consumer, or business owner.

‘Tis the season. Call it quiet reflection at the year’s end or just a case of plain ole holiday nostalgia, but we’re all in it together, just like the snow on the roof of our cars. Now, allow us to take you on a tour of the Christmas season of years past.


Consider how much our habits have changed in 30 years’ time. Video offers a good window into that change.



We’ve come a long way since the Nokia 3310, affectionately nicknamed “the brick,” introduced in the year 2000.




Even more tellingly, have a look at how much the internet has evolved over the last 30 years.



The merits of various musical formats have been widely debated throughout the years. One things for sure: music has definitely gotten better for runners. 




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