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How Edison Helped Form The Movie Industry

August 31st marks a significant milestone in the world of commerce and innovation. According to the Library of Congress, on this day in 1897, renowned inventor Thomas Edison received a patent for the Kinetographic Camera, a groundbreaking invention that would change the course of history.

Thomas Edison's Kinetographic Camera wasn't just a leap in art and entertainment; it was a catalyst for commerce and small businesses. This invention paved the way for the motion picture industry, but also paved the way for new channels of communication between businesses and consumers. It opened doors for entrepreneurs to tell stories and create experiences that resonate with audiences.

The early Edison Lab films typically showing people sneezing, kissing, dancing, and waving. Edison's films captured everyday actions, a reminder of the relatable moments that hold power – just think about TikTok, or YouTube shorts, and how these have been game changers for businesses across all industries. For wedding videographers and production services, specifically, this approach translates into capturing genuine emotions and experiences, and helping to prserve memories for clients. 

Take note, small business owners – embrace innovation, nurture creativity, and recognize the potential in everyday moments.



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