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The Roots of the "Smartphone"

Can you imagine a small screen without touch these days? Just short years ago, touch screens literally did not exist. The best mobile device available was like a Palm Treo or some other bogus color screen device with a keyboard. Just 10 years ago we all coveted the Motorola Razr! Again, just short 7 years ago, "smartphones" as we know them today did not exist even as a vision in our brains.

Steve Jobs knew exactly what the iPhone was going to do to the cell phone world. Watching his 2007 iPhone Keynote today is really nothing incredible based on today's standards. At the time (again only 7 years ago!), everything about the iPhone was incredible. All of the features he introduces here are standard on today's phones. Multi-touch screen, internet in your pocket, portable video and music device -- just try and find a phone these days that doesn't have all of these basic features. Even my two year old son can sit down, unlock my phone, launch the pictures, zoom and scroll!

What I find most interesting about watching this video is that this is documented history of a moment that changed, not just the computing industry, but really the entire world. Say what you will about Steve Jobs, he was truly a visionary.

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