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Get Rewarded for Leaving Reviews!

Reveal hot spots for fellow locals, and all the while earn cool rewards! Contribute your way to a sweet EZlocal tee, or even an Apple iPad or Chromebook!

EZlocal Contributor Rewards is one-of-a-kind fun and free program that allows you to earn awesome rewards for leaving reviews on! Earn points, level up, unlock new badges, and redeem rewards. The rewards get better and better as you go!

Start earning points today: Click here to get started

How the EZlocal Contributor Rewards Program works:

  1. Rate & Review places you've been. Browse and review businesses.
  2. Earn Points. Contributing reviews earns you points.
  3. Claim rewards! Every time you complete a level, you get a reward.

How do I earn points?

You automatically earn 10 points for each qualified review, plus an extra 5 points for including one or more photos. Your first reward is only a few reviews away (75 points). Simply search for businesses you’ve visited, and leave reviews. You must join the EZlocal Contributor Program to start earning points.

Get started: EZlocal Contributor Program

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