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Pics from the Picnic on a Picturesque Day

While we greeted the season’s warm weather with a company outing at Topgolf, we concluded it with an EZlocal picnic at Hidden Lake Forest Preserve. On another day, the lush green space might’ve been an ideal setting for a day of fishing, paddling, or just relaxing in the shade with a book—but not while we were there! Activities included a blindfolded egg race, a nerf gun marksmanship competition, and the ultimate culmination—a pie-eating contest. There were those who entered the pie-eating contest believing that they’d be permitted to use utensils and eat in a civilized manner. These folks were mistaken, Denise Flores (account manager) chief among them. Pie with a fork, as president Jim Tracy explained, is just dessert and therefore nowhere near as fun.

Designer Richard Ambrose did the Web Team proud with a stunning display of rapid ingestion. As everyone knows, competitive eating is not for the faint of heart, or stomach for that matter, as Richard proved in his showing at Hidden Lake that day. No worse for wear, he finished his piece of pie in under a minute’s time, making him the clear winner in a crowded field. It was reminiscent of the classic 1986 film Stand By Me, minus all the projectile vomit of course. Thanks for sparing us that part, Richard!


As for the other friendly competitions, contenders for the nerf gun shootout included: Rebecca, Nichole, Matt, Sandra, Carmen, Dave, and Mark. The egg race was a blur and exactly who won is unclear. What we do know is that a great time was had by all. The EZlocal softball team even got to snap a few photos for posterity!

Who knew EZlocal had so many deadeyes?


Getting outdoors with your team and other departments is fun and always proves to be time well spent. Special thanks to Kavita and Jim for making it happen.

Hope you’re able to fit in a few final days of sunshine over these next couple weekends and take a break from work when your schedule allows!


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