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Reputation: It's For The World To See

Image, they say, is everything. As humans, we tend to judge people based on their looks, views, and opinions. Unfair though it may sometimes be, your reputation will play a central role in the formation of these judgments. The digital world is no exception. How a company looks online will affect the success of their current and future endeavors.

This cannot be overstated.

So how does one build and maintain their digital presence and reputation? Let's take a look at some of the major variables responsible for influencing perception online.  


A company’s website is their best marketing tool. This is where it all happens! A website is a one-stop shop, not only for a company’s customers but for employees, new business, etc. Building a robust website, and maintaining it with current information, projects a respectable, transparent, and pleasant company culture.

Make it presentable- This is the image of your company: the way it looks will have a direct correlation to how your company performs. No one will want to do business with a company that looks unorganized or unprofessional. So keep it clean and keep it navigable.

Simplify it- Show your customers what is important! No one goes to a website to see pure clutter. Keep in mind, visitors are trying to find something quick and easy. Often they're looking for something rather specific too. Use appealing imagery  and vibrant content that sets the tone of how you want your company to be perceived.


Social Media

People gravitate toward a company’s social media accounts to get a sense of who they are and what they stand for. With that in mind, exactly how a company uses their social media platform will give people a taste of what they should expect as a consumer.

Target your audience- Understanding your consumer will allow you to gain an insight on what kind of content to curate based on their specific needs. By using tools such as Facebook analytics, you can get a deep insight on the demographics of your viewers and how to optimize the growth of your platform.

To create content- What you post is important. Once you find out your specific demographics, you can create posts and articles geared towards what that specific demographic is looking for. People want to learn and grow through the content you post; no one likes being bombarded on social media with articles that have little to no relevance to them.

For interaction- Interacting and engaging with your consumers will give them a sense of realness and therefore enhance the relationship between consumer and business. Give your viewer a like or a comment back. People thrive when they are noticed and appreciated!

Customer Reviews

Responding to reviews appropriately and timely will help your company tremendously. Current and potential customers will read and listen to reviews; a recent study showed that 88% of people avoided specific companies due to bad reviews on social media. Bad reviews do hinder reputation, but the way a business responds can help turn that review around.

Praise the good- Thank your customer for their business and loyalty to the company. A good review and response provides a great image and can affect search rankings.

And handle the bad- Respond, respond, respond! Nothing makes a bad review worse than not responding to an upset customer. Apologize and promise a better future, then take the conversation offline by offering a contact to discuss further.

For great benefits- Responding to reviews will build that customer’s trust and relationship with the company. It also has the opportunity to bring in new business. People watch reviews when tipping their toes into the unknown waters of a company. Remember, you’re not only writing to one individual, but to everyone in the digital realm.

Online presence and reputation is important, that is why EZlocal offers total online reputation management. From 24/7 review and mention monitoring to responding directly to positive and negative reviews, EZlocal will help build your small business’s online presence and reputation. Visit to learn more!





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