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The Obama Rescue Plan Update

Government and Economy

The Obama Rescue Plan

President-elect Obama's economic stimulus plan is still coming together, but the goals are clear: To spur the economy and create jobs by spending hundreds of billions of dollars on infrastructure, state budget relief, safety nets for the needy and tax cuts. Here is where things stand.

Business Groups File Suit to Block E-Verify

Business groups, including the US Chamber of Commerce, have filed a federal lawsuit to block a new rule requiring federal contractors to use the E-Verify system to check their employees’ eligibility to work in the US. The law is scheduled to go into effect Jan. 15.

DOL Nominee Solis Dodges Union Bill Questions at Senate Hearing
Solis said she has not discussed the Employee Free Choice Act with President-elect Obama. The legislation is the top priority for organized labor.

Management and Financial Issues

The Hidden Crises of Professional Women

A professional crisis is a cry for change—right now. Making that change will probably not be easy, but if you take it one step at a time, you can create your own breakthrough. Here is how to get started.

Does Your Office Make People Sick?
You suspect they do not like coming to work, wondering if your antiperspirant is letting you down, but there could be much more to it. Sick Building Syndrome is real and it can lead to employee issues that could really make you sweat.

Technology Issues

Stop Guessing About Site Optimization
Testing can mean taking bigger risks, but bigger risks can also mean bigger payoffs.

Recession-proof Your Business the CRM Way
Tests of various CRM strategies indicate that businesses with a solid CRM program have a real competitive advantage during recessionary times. Here are three key strategies to using CRM as a tool against recession.

Benefits and Labor Issues

LinkedIn Recruiting Tools Improving
With the success of its Recruiter tool, LinkedIn is adding customized company profiles, e-mail marketing and other tools for enterprise and small-business customers.

Tension Rise as Recruiters Lower the Boom
With rising unemployment, more and more recruiters find themselves caught between rejected job candidates who demand explanations and company policies that require no explanations be given. Learn to walk the middle path between stonewalling and liability-exposing honesty.

Sales and Marketing

Price Increases in a Bad Market

Selling a price increase in a bad market can be brutal, yet it is often essential. Here's how to make it easier for your salespeople to present price increases to your customers.

E-tailers Selling Ad Space
Major online retailers are turning to ad revenue to supplement slumping sales. The question is: Will it pay off?