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House Stimulus Bill Hits $825 Billion as Unemployment Hits New Levels As Well

Government and Economy

House Democrats Raise the Bailout Ante to $825 billion
In a bid to revive the economy, House Democrats have called for $825 billion in federal spending and tax cuts with strong emphasis on energy, education, health care and highway construction.

Unemployment Rises More Than Expected
The Labor Department has reported that first-time requests for unemployment insurance jumped to a seasonally adjusted 524,000 in the week ending January 10, higher than the 500,000 new claims they had expected.

Congressional Proposal: Cash for Clunkers
Congress is mulling over a new proposal to pay people to get rid of all those old gas guzzling cars they have sitting in their driveways.

Management and Financial Issues

Workplace Manners Are More Important Than You Think

A recent survey proves that manners, like clothes, make the (business)man. The global survey found that Americans and Britons to be the most easily insulted by a lack of workplace etiquette, while Australians are among the most offensive.

Cutting Costs Before People

Businesses, hurting from the recession, are finding that creative cost cutting can save jobs and boost earnings at the same time.

Technology Issues

IP PBX Buyer's Guide: Features and Services That Matter
The reasons most businesses upgrade to an IP PBX system range from wanting to replace outdated equipment, to saving money, to adding needed functionality, but to evaluate competing offers from both established and new vendors, there are a few things you need to learn.

Case Study: Gunther Gifts, Inc.
Gunther Gifts, a California-based company, engraves and ships unique gifts nationwide to over 200,000 customers. An integrated solution to efficiently manage accounting and inventory across multiple channels was crucial. Discover the company's chosen solution, and the benefits they gained.

Benefits and Labor Issues

DHS Delays E-Verify Implementation

Facing a lawsuit by five industry associations, DHS is delaying the requirement that companies receiving new federal contracts check the immigration status of their employees using the Homeland Security Department’s E-verify system.

Some Companies Offering Raises and Bonuses—While They Still Can
While some employees feel lucky just to have a job these days and don't expect a pay raise, there are employers still offering not only double-digit raises, but bonuses as well.

Sales and Marketing

Taking the Email Low Road
There is quite a lot that respectable email marketers could learn from the promoters of payday loans, herbal remedies, get-rich-quick schemes and other high-end spam.

Driving Productivity: Sales Focus Strategy
Most sales managers have not been trained how to help their team regain their focus to drive sales, but it is an important skill. We have a number of industry experts weighing in on this issue.

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