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A Small Business Owner Takes His Case to the Top

Government and Politics
A Small-Business Owner Takes His Case to the Top
Last week, one entrepreneur had the opportunity to ask President Obama a question that no doubt has been on the mind of many others regarding small business loans.

Government and Politics
Obama's Small Business Plans: Where They Stand
President Obama has been talking -- a lot -- about what Washington needs to do to help save small businesses. Over the past week, he's introduced a half-dozen different initiatives aimed at unlocking credit, creating jobs and expanding the Small Business Administration's loan programs.

Technology Issues
What's on the Horizon for Microsoft Office 2010?
As Microsoft prepares the next release of its Office suite, here's what's in store for the mobile worker.

Technology Issues
Think Twice Before Handing Out Smart Phones to Your Employees
If you are a small business owner and you have non-exempt employees on staff, beware. There’s a danger lurking that makes sense but almost no one saw it coming.

Technology Issues
Will the iPad Wow Business Owners?
Apple's new tablet could soon prove both a vital launch pad and productivity tool for entrepreneurs.

Technological Issues
Turn You iPhone Into a Credit Card Terminal
Now, photographers, contractors, limo drivers and dog trainers -- any business that operates remotely -- can find a wealth of new software to process credit cards on mobile phones.

Legal Issues
Analysis Finds Defined-Benefit Plans Outpace 401(k) Returns
A Towers Watson analysis finds that defined-contribution plans don’t replicate the advantage of defined-benefit pension plans and thus are unlikely to perform DB plans.

Tax Issues
The Latest on the Estate Tax Lapse
A certified financial planner explains why the IRS isn't collecting the estate tax in 2010 and offers advice to family business owners preparing succession plans.

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
How to Set Up a Customer Reference Program
Is your company doing everything it can to generate customer referrals and positive word-of-mouth? If you suspect the answer is "no," then you should consider setting up a formal customer reference program.

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
Musician Makes over $18k in 5 Days with Social Media
Here is an example of a business that was started with social media. It was started, get this: over this Christmas and New Year’s, by a musician in Sweden who has never had a business online.

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