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Companies Begin Work on Health Care Plans

Health Care Reform

Companies Begin Work to Make Plans Comply With Landmark Health Care Reform Law
While legislators’ work is done, employers’ is just beginning. Nearly all employers will have to move quickly to redesign their health care plans to comply with requirements in the landmark health care reform legislation that Congress approved last week.

Health Care Reform
Speaking Out on Health Care
The Wall Street Journal recently talked to members of two national organizations with opposing views on the legislation: James Gelfand, senior manager of health policy for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and David Borris, a member of the national executive committee of Main Street Alliance.

Health Care Reform
Health Care Costs Climb for Retiring Couples
Significant drivers of increases in retiree health care costs include higher provider charges and increased expenses associated with new technology, Fidelity Investments reports.

Health Care Reform
Health Reform Expected to Untether Job-Locked Entrepreneurs
As the health reforms signed into law this week begin to take effect over the next four years, one consequence to watch is to what extent would-be entrepreneurs feel comfortable leaving their jobs to start businesses.

Financial Issues
When Employees Sell Private Company Stock
New online marketplaces SharesPost and SecondMarket make it easier to trade private company stock.

Financial Issues
Capital Investment and Hiring Plans Showing Hints Of Recovery
This spring, some hopeful signs are emerging among small business owners, who remain skittish about the overall economic climate.

Financial Issues
Auditors Crack Down on 'Independent Contractors'
If your business uses independent contractors, get ready for new scrutiny. Hoping to boost tax revenue, the IRS and many state governments are cracking down on how companies classify their workers.

Financial Issues
Dell Spurs Sales by Lending to Hard-Hit Small Businesses
For years, Dell Inc. has relied on sales to small businesses for a big chunk of its revenue. It sells more personal computers to small companies than any tech supplier. Now, it is offering more credit to spur small business purchases.

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