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Business Owners Look to Extend Tax Time

Health Care Reform

Employers Weigh Costs of Keeping, Dropping Health Coverage
The hidden costs of dropping their health care plans could far outweigh the fine that employers would face for not offering health care coverage, experts say.

Financial Issues
Gencorp Restores 401(k) Match; Report Cites Growing Trend
Defense and aerospace company GenCorp Inc. said it was reinstating its 401(k) plan matching contribution, the latest in a growing number of employers that have done so or will be doing the same.

Financial Issues

Bank of America Extends CARD Act Protections to Small Biz
Bank of America will give small business credit card customers many of the same protections that consumers now enjoy under Washington’s stricter regulations, including an agreement not to raise interest rates on existing balances, the bank announced last week.

Financial Issues

SBA Small Biz Lending Doubles
The lending market for Main Street remains pretty jammed up, but one segment of the credit landscape is recovering thanks to stimulus efforts.

Tax Issues

Business Owners Look to Extend Tax Time
Many small business owners will file for an extension from the April 15 IRS deadline. Some are simply too busy to file on time, others can't afford to pay what they owe. Either way, there are deadlines and penalties to consider.

Operations & Management
Growth of Unpaid Internships May Be Illegal, Officials Say
With job openings scarce for young people, the number of unpaid internships has climbed in recent years, leading federal and state regulators to worry that more employers are illegally using such internships for free labor.

Technology Issues
iPad = iPain for Media Planners?
Apple's latest launch, the iPad touch screen tablet computer, began shipping this past weekend, making news everywhere as reviews, expectations, and new announcements continue to stream in. Because it has a larger screen and its own built-in Safari browser, it theoretically presents more and better advertising opportunities. For media planners, however, it also presents multiple hurdles. Here's why.

Technology Issues
Yelp Answers Extortion Claims With Major Site Changes
The big news you need to know today is this: In the face of February’s class action lawsuit and claims of extortion, Yelp is rolling out a number of major site changes to increase transparency and remove any question of impropriety once and for all.

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