Small Business Brief for 11/12

Politics and Government

Anti-immigrant Perception Trouble for Candidates According to a study released by the pro-immigration advocacy group America's Voice, taking a hard "enforcement-only" line on immigration reform cost 18 of 20 candidates the election. Anti-immigrant candidates lost five races in the Senate, for example.

Economics and Labor Issues

What can Employers Learn from The Biggest Loser?
The hit TV show, which can be viewed as a kind of wellness program, offers insight into how support groups, incentives and education can help people lose weight. What can it teach employers?

Law and Regulation Enforcement

Latest fact sheet helps small businesses avoid incorrect deductions for retirement plans

Avoiding Incorrect Self-Employed Retirement Deductions, offers help to prevent incorrect deductions for small business retirement plans .

IRS's Latest Hot Product: 2009 Small Business Tax Calendar

Go to or call the National Distribution Center at (800) 829-3676 for a free IRS 2009 Small Business/Self-Employed Tax Calendar.

Don't Blog Your Way to a Lawsuit Company blogs can expose a business to liability lawsuits, says corporate law specialist Nina Yablok, who offers tips in this article on how to stay out of the courtroom.

Doing Business

Customer Complaints May Be Just What You Need Customer complaints may seem discouraging, but they actually provide information a company needs to make improvements and, ultimately, more money.

The Benefits of Going 100% Microsoft
The benefits most often cited for using all Microsoft software are the ease of user adoption, the safety of a big, powerful brand, and the virtual guarantee that technical support will always be there for you. They sound like compelling reasons, but how true are they? The answers are in today's—and they may surprise you.

Tips on Staying Cool Under Pressure
Forbes offers advice from psychologists and sports stars on how to stay cool under pressure and cope with stress.

Sales and Marketing

Go Slow With Video Ads in Social Media
Communities are where people go to connect, learn, and vent. So overt advertising could get the cold shoulder.