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More Economic Stimulus On The Way and Hiring in a Recession

Government and Economy

Pelosi: House Stimlus Bill to be Ready Soon
Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House will have an economic stimulus bill ready by early January. Pelosi said Tuesday that members of the House are "working on that right now."

Promises Promises: Obama Budget Cuts Face Hurdles
Barack Obama promises to cut out wasteful programs. But with entire chapters of the $3 trillion federal budget essentially off limits and congressional Democrats ready to defend farm subsidies, weapons systems and home-state pork barrel projects, can he do it?

Navigating China's Visa Problem
Entrepreneurs are having problems gaining access to this huge market. Here's how to open the door.

Benefit and Labor Issues

US Companies: Hiring on Hold for Winter 2009
U.S. employers may not be optimistic about their hiring plans, but their overseas counterparts, according to a recent survey, are downright pessimistic.

Hiring a Great Closer
There are plenty of myths about what goes into making a great salesperson, but don't be fooled, experience isn't everything.

Hiring In A Recession
With layoffs everywhere, finding good people is getting easier. The trick is to find the right fit.

Doing Business and Finance Issues

Secondhand Stores Coming Out On TopCall their products "gently used," "pre-owned" and "like new," but in today's economy, these products have earned a new, very descriptive label: "hot sellers."

The Danger of Short-Term Thinking

In many ways, short term thinking is the real driver of this latest recession. What should we have learned?

Sales and Marketing

Cost-Per-Lead: An Expert's Perspective
The director of an online marketing firm talks about getting started with performance-based media.

How to Measure Your Social Media Advertising

The benefits of advertising in social media are many, but measuring the results is difficult. Find out how to balance metrics and insight for social media advertising success.

Social Networking: The Rules That Are Not Written Down

Drumming up a fan base on MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter isn't as simple as sending out friend requests. You need to create threads and promote products, and to succeed at that, there are a few unwritten rules of etiquette you should know.