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Retailers Seeking Their Own Economic Stimulus

Government and Economy

States Fighting Budget Shortfalls
According to the Center on Budget & Policy Priorities, at least 43 states are wrestling with budget shortfalls this year or next. Take a look at how some of these cash-strapped states are dealing with the problem.

Small Business Credit Outlook

Many observers say that the financial crisis is making the credit climate especially cold and difficult for small businesses.

Retailers Seeking Their Own Stimulus Plan

The country's largest retail trade association has asked President-elect Obama to add sales tax-exempt shopping days to an upcoming economic stimulus package in order to revive consumer spending.

Management and Financial Issues

Get Started in Government Contracting

Your small business can benefit from the coming bonanza in government contract work by starting at the local level and working up.

Workers' Bailout Plan

A “Production Bankruptcy Day” could give your team the chance it needs to recharge, re-organize, and perhaps even improve productivity.

Technology Issues

Counting Seconds to Cut Costs

With nearly all retailers trying to cut costs and improve profit margins, the new wave of "labor-waste elimination" systems is sweeping through the industry.

MySpace Welcomes Small Business Ads

Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, founders of gourmet seasonings maker Bacon Salt, went out on an advertising limb when MySpace encouraged them to test a new ad service tailored to businesses like theirs.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Financial Crisis Fallout: Firms Suspending 401(k) Matches

A growing number of small businesses are suspending their 401(k) match, and, in some instances, closing their retirement plans completely.

Sales and Marketing

Holiday Sales Slump Threatens Small Retailers

Small retailers without the margins to compete on price are scrambling to make sales by hosting events, offering gifts and personalizing their services.

Red Flags Over Email List Rentals
Take a look at one consumer goods company and their plan to use a third-party e-mail list to boost business.

Winning on Service
Building customer loyalty through exceptional service can help insulate your business against an uncertain economy.