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Thanksgiving 2022 – Consumer Trends

People are eager to celebrate Thanksgiving again, even if household budgets are tighter. According to a recent article from Grocery Dive, the price of turkey has increased 23% since last year, due partially to inflation, and partially to avian flu wiping out 2.5% of the annual turkey population. 

While most households still intend to purchase a turkey, here are some things which, according to Grocery Dive, might distinguish this year's celebrations:

*Last year, COVID was the biggest common concern amongst consumers. This year, it's inflation. 

*Lots of bargain hunting and thriftiness – 18% of consumers are even expected to start shopping early this year. 

*Gen Z and Millenials will be hosting the biggest parties this year, with around 9 guests per gathering.

*Lots of consumers are willing to pay more this year– 38% of consumers anticipate paying more for groceries, but still intend to purchase the same number of items that they have in the past. 

Looking to spend less without dampening spirits? Check out All Recipe's great list of tips for cutting Thanksgiving Day costs without comprimising deliciousness. 

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