Sometimes a Nice Thank-you is The Wrong Way To Go

What was one of the first things you mother taught you about getting along with people? You say “thank you” when you receive something. It’s nice and polite and it will get you through that pesky post-gift-giving moment with almost preternatural smoothness. A nice “thank you” is both expected and appreciated. Or so thought the folks at Chrysler. Not All Gifts Require a Thank You I am sure you recall the auto bailout, where each of the Big Three received billions of dollars to bridge the gap between their business practices and reality (and as we’ve seen from subsequent requests for money, reality is still rearing its ugly head). Chrysler, having received its billions, decided to follow Mom’s advice and thank the American people for the money. For many—enough to remove the entire matter from the Chrysler Blog—it as akin to paying at a toll booth and having the attendant, who would have cheerfully sent the State Police... [Read Full Article]