Helping with the Gas Crisis: What You Can Do for Your Employees

The national average price for regular gas is nearly at $4 a gallon and we are all feeling the pinch. Your customers are driving less, spending more of their money on gasoline and less on other products. Your suppliers are charging more to cover the cost of transportation and those costs are likely being passed on to your own customers. If you have a delivery arm to your business, you have probably had to raise the price on that as well to cover the increases. However, have you considered the expenses of your own employees? How much does it cost for them to go to and from work each day or, more to the point, what percentage of their income must now be devoted to commuting and what can you, as an employer, do to ease the pain caused by ever-increasing fuel prices? The Four-Day Work Week Consider the employee who makes $500 per week and who has been with your company since gasoline was at $2 per gallon. Assuming an 18-gallon gas tank, when they were hired the price of gett... [Read Full Article]