Drawing the Line at Little Caylee

Far be it from me to tell a company what products to make and market, and the news is certainly fertile ground for new ideas, but honestly, you really have to wonder what the folks at Showbiz Promotions in Jacksonville, Florida, are thinking with their new Caylee Anthony doll. A Tribute to Greed They call it a “tribute” to the little girl and according to Jaime Salcedo, the president of Showbiz, the doll was not made to look exactly like Caylee since that would be “morbid.” OK, how is that different from having Caylee’s name actually on the doll and calling it the “Inspirational Caylee Sunshine Doll?” Maybe the fact that when you squeeze it, the doll sings “You are my sunshine,” is a mitigating factor, as is Salcedo’s decision to donate $3 of every purchase to a worthy cause (as of yet, no takers). I guess with all that, not going the extra mile in making the doll look like the poor kid demonstrates the... [Read Full Article]