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September Slump Got You Down?

The summer rush is over, the holiday season is approaching, and businesses are stuck in an awkward time frame. Sales start to slump, and businesses experience a slowdown. Small businesses then have a choice: they can view the slump negatively or positively. Viewing the slump negatively will only add unnecessary stress and frustration. Instead, view the slump as a chance to update and improve your business and services. Here's how.RelaxDon't panic. A slowdown is a scary time for businesses, especially for entrepreneurs. Instead of instilling fear in yourself, take a deep breath and relax. While you are enjoying your downtime, don't let your business escape your thoughts. Keep it in the back of your mind, and draw from your relaxation for new and innovative ideas.Plan & Get Ahead of the GameDown time is the perfect opportunity to start planning ahead for the future. Start by reviewing what you have done so far, including all financ... [Read Full Article]

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