Employee Credit Checks

It is the basic “Circle of Despair:”You are a qualified applicant but you cannot get a job because you have poor credit and each employer you have applied to does a credit check; but how can you improve your credit if no one will employ you? This is a situation facing many thousands of people, and it is only likely to get worse as the credit crunch leads many credit issuers to pull back credit lines or eliminate them altogether, neither of which improves anyone's credit. In fact, with the way the practice is increasing and the fact that it is facing so many job seekers, five states and the federal government are looking at ways to lessen the scope of these credit checks or eliminate this sort of screening altogether. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, around 43% of US employers check for overdue payments on anything from mortgages and rent to credit cards and student loans, an inc... [Read Full Article]