Taking Care of Business on the Coast

Hurricane Dolly—the fourth named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season and the second hurricane—has come and gone, but according to Federal Forecasters, she won’t be the last. This is shaping up to be a very busy season with a predicted 12 to 16 named storms, 6 to 9 of them being hurricanes. The busiest period for the season is between August and September so, before the next storm makes landfall, it may be a good time to review things you can do to protect your business.  Review Your Insurance Policy One of the lessons of Hurricane Katrina was that having hurricane insurance does not necessarily mean you have protection from all of the damage that the hurricane can deal out. Hurricane insurance generally covers wind-related damage. It does not necessarily cover flood damage and as we’ve seen, once the wind passes, it is the lingering floodwaters that are the real problem. There are various kinds of insurance that come into play whe... [Read Full Article]