The Bottom Line: Election Day is Here!

Here we are, finally, after 21 months of relentless campaigning, lying, cheating, mud-slinging, insane media bias, false promises and a whole raft of October Surprises, it is Election Day. Finally, it is no longer a question of polls, no longer a matter of what the wide assortment of pontificating talking heads that have dominated the airwaves for nearly two years believe. It all comes down to one thing: Your vote. That's right, it is up to YOU and your opinion. Who cares what Olberman or Matthews have to say, no matter how much Matthews' leg tingles? For that matter, who cares what Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity have to say? Up until today it has all been talk—now we are going to see action. Today's election is the only poll that matters. If you are an Obama fan, don't feel complacent at what the polls are telling you. If you are a McCain supporter, don't feel intimidated or lost. Opinion polls—especially during this divisive political season—are merely manipulated sta... [Read Full Article]