Government Procurement and Small Business

To many small business owners, the dream of a nice, lucrative government contract is enticing to say the least. Sure, the process is long and arduous, there are stacks of forms that have to be filled out, you have to comply with a variety of regulations, etc., but the playing field is level and you have a fair chance to compete with other small businesses for those government contracts set aside by law for small businesses. And even if there are some big companies pretending to be small to get this business, they get rooted out and are barred from doing business with the government again, right?  Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 That’s the PR version of the process, the bright and shiny version of what should happen, of what would happen if money and politics were taken out of the process, the version that gets you in the door. Unfortunately, it’s also a pretty misleading version as t... [Read Full Article]