Yes, Virginia, There is a Job Fairy…and she’s a Gazelle!

Who creates jobs in our economy, presidents and Congress? Not directly, unless they are fattening up the bureaucracy, but the awarding of Federal contracts can have an effect. How about big business? They do create some jobs, but not as many as you might think. What about the manufacturing sector? America has managed to purge most of its manufacturing capacity through what can only be described as mass insanity on the part of the government officials and business leaders who allowed it to happen. Our once-great steel industry lies in ashes and General Motors, that formerly unassailable bastion of the nation’s economy is now well behind Wal-Mart as the nation’s largest employer. That brings up the big-box retailers. Yes, they do create jobs as they chew their way through the American economy, leaving a trail of small businesses in ruins in their wake while shipping more and more of America ’s wealth overseas while importing cheap foreign goods that add further strain on those American... [Read Full Article]