Brand Alchemy: Turning Lead into Gold

He’s the Incredible Hulk. He’s big, he’s green and he’s really, really angry. He is also the first of the remarkable remake/sequels that Marvel Studios is putting out to reclaim the integrity of their brand. We all remember the first film by director Ang Lee. It was sharp, it was cool, the CGI was good for its time, the “Hulk issue” was shown to be multigenerational and the movie had a mutated poodle…you see where I am going with this. Somehow, the first Hulk went off the rails. The new one, with Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, manages to pull the train back to where it belongs.   The Importance of Brand to the Modern Superhero You see the same things happening with other superhero blockbusters. Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, The Punisher, and The X-Men; and on the DC side of the comic universe, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. All of th... [Read Full Article]