Your 401k Plan May Not Be Yours Much Longer

“Why do you rob banks, Willy?” asked a reporter one day of bank robber Willy Sutton. The answer, to Willy, at least, was obvious: “Cause that’s where the money is.” Funny how naturally that line comes to mind when you think of the plans that House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller (D-CA); and Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA), Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee’s Subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support, have for your retirement savings plan and the plans you have set up for your employees. Socializing 401k Plans: An Opportunity to Seize Control It is remarkable that moments of crisis in America always seem to be invitations for power grabs as Americans, frightened by the current circumstances, hand over power and liberty to the government in return for promises of safety and security. Benjamin Franklin anticipated this when he wrote: "Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security D... [Read Full Article]