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Entrepreneur Journeys Review

Even readers inexperienced in the entrepreneurial world will find Entrepreneur Journeys by Sramana Mitra to be an inspiring and insightful book compiled with compelling interviews. The book does not bog its audience with jargon or technical phrases making the stories easy to follow in this soft cover. Not to mention, the collection of short vignettes makes a great book for readers always on the rush. Busy readers can peruse the stories at their own pace and savor each moment.  Coming from an extensive business background, Sramana understands the challenges entrepreneurs face when starting and managing their business. She founded three companies as an entrepreneur CEO and worked as a strategy consultant in California since 1994. Her weekly columns in Forbes or her contributions to reflect a distinct viewpoint on the business world. With Entrepreneur Journeys, Sramana has an entertaining and engaging style in her works. The interviews in this book showed a... [Read Full Article]

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