Going Beyond NAP: Building a Better Business Profile

Within the local search industry NAP stands for “name, address, and phone number,” the most basic data any business profile will contain. Name gives you the who, address gives you the where and phone number gives you the how (eg. how to get in contact with the business). All too often profiles stop there, neglecting to offer further detail, thus miring themselves in a sea of bland search results. Businesses, especially small businesses, must do better. Large chains can get away with this lack of detail because most people already know who they are, what they sell and when they’re open. Small businesses don’t have this luxury; their profiles must be robust, providing as much information as possible so potential customers have some idea what to expect. Here are three details that every small business owner should include in their business profile: Hours of Operation: If name, address and phone number are the who, what and how, hours... [Read Full Article]