The New Language of Global Warming

When it comes to “global warming”, you have the skeptics, the die-hards, and everyone else. The problem, from the point of view of the “Al Gore the Prophet” set is that the skeptics are picking up a lot of support as the science behind their claims receives more and more of that cleansing light of day, to paraphrase former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis. That simply won’t do, especially when they want to impose cap-and-trade energy taxation in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Europeans have tried that and so far it hasn’t worked for them, but it does raise prices for everything, harms small business, creates another trading commodity and it sure brings in revenue to the government. So, what is the solution? To learn from the European example, or maybe to do the math and see what spending all that money on cap-and-trade would actually do to the ailing US economy? Nope. According to some pretty extensive polling and focus group work condu... [Read Full Article]