"Vacation, All I Ever Wanted..." Or Is It?

Harris Interactive conducted a study with employees at various businesses and found some interesting results regarding vacations.  44% of employees dread the craziness of preparing for vacation at work the day before they leave. Additionally, 77% of employees believe the day they return from vacation is worse. How can you avoid the work related stress when it comes to a vacation? Here are a few tips to have a worry free vacation.Before You Leave To-Do List: Before leaving for vacation, create a list of what you need to do when you get back home. Take a look at your schedule and see what projects, deadlines, meetings, and other events you'll have. Know what you have to do when you get back so you have no surprises. Vacation Alert: Create an automatic vacation response for your email address. This allows customers, employees, and clients who email you to know you are out of town, and when you will be returning. This way, no one will be exp... [Read Full Article]

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Government, Politics, and the EconomyRetail Sales in U.S. Jump 2.7%, Most in Three Years Thanks to the government's Cash for Clunkers program, retailers in the U.S. surged in August - the most in three years. Bloomberg.comManagement and OperationsBe Ready and Prepared for Disasters: September is National Preparedness MonthFire, flood, hurricane, or tornado, you need to be prepared to protect yourself, your family, and your business from mother nature. BusinessKnowHow.com Management and Operations [Read Full Article]