A Great Way to Stifle Employee Morale

I was working for a small public relations and advertising firm at the time I first encountered the productivity report. As it was explained to us, we were to fill out said report and put it on the boss’ desk by quitting time each and every day. No exceptions. The form we were given was two-column table. In one column we were to write down our task and in the other, the time it took in increments of 15 minutes. There was a bit of grumbling but everyone dutifully shuffled off to the copier. Genesis of a Really Bad Idea There was some quiet, anxious discussion after the boss returned to her office. “Why was this happening?” and “What is she doing?” being two very common questions. It was not as if the boss was off-site. If she wanted to see if everyone was working, all she had to do was look out of her office door. She could see the whole office right there, spread out before her. That could not be it, could it? Actually, yes it could. [Read Full Article]