The Thin Skin of Business: Sensitivity Training

Think of it as the psychosocial version of the global warming movement, or political correctness with a tie and a slide show, but sensitivity training, those programs that businesses use to make sure their employees have a nice, homogenous mindset about race and gender, sexuality, religion, disability and just about all the other things that could divide people who have to work together, is a growing industry in its own right. The goals of these programs are nice: examine your prejudices, look at your behavior, acknowledge the humanity of those different from you and learn to get along. There is nothing wrong with any of these things. In fact, everyone should examine their ideas and behavior, accept what is true and throw away what isn’t. Oh wait, isn’t that called growing up? I guess growing up isn’t what it used to be. Now we have to pay thousands of dollars to accomplish what our fathers used to do for free with a stern warning and slap upside the head.  [Read Full Article]