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How to Find the # of Indexed Pages Your Site Has on Google

If you want to determine how search engine healthy your site is, one thing you can do is find out how many indexed pages you have on the Big G. More specifically, find out how many of your site's pages show up as indexed as opposed to buried away in Google's supplemental index - where they put lower ranking pages. Pages found in the supplemental index tend to be crawled much less and usually never assigned Page Rank. So admittedly, we're a little obsessed with how our site indexes on Google and in doing everything we can to improve this number and crack the one million mark :) With Google constantly making changes to their UI (especially over the last six months), we've had to rely on multiple query methods to approximate the number of indexed pages our site is registering on Google. Because we've often seen wild fluctuations on a weekly or even daily basis in the number of indexed pages, using multiple methods has allowed us to predict indexing more accurately. If you want to find out... [Read Full Article]