Why Is Online Marketing So Much Work?

Did you know that the average American is exposed to about 3000 ads a day? This seems like an outrageous statistic, but advertisements are pretty much unavoidable these days. This is especially the case since online marketing is now in the picture. How many times have you gone on a website and just ignored all of the ads that popped up? I bet you don’t even realize you are doing this. This is why there is so much that goes along with online marketing. As a business owner trying to advertise your company, you need to have something that is going to stand out from the rest. This is especially the case for small businesses. Online marketing is a lot of work, more than one would imagine.   First, you must determine who you are going to target. Are you going to target nationally or locally? What type of people does your business relate to? Then, you must find places on the Internet where you can put your ads. Most of the time this costs money, so figuring out how mu... [Read Full Article]