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A New Surtax on the “Wealthy” Will Harm Small Business

I may have been wrong. I was all worried about President Obama’s cap-and-trade energy policies being the death of small businesses. After all, his scheme would raise energy prices across the board, spur inflation as the energy costs for all stages of production and distribution were all factored into the prices of both raw materials and finished products while vendors had their own energy costs to add as well. Never mind the increased energy costs that consumers would face. All in all, it’s a 5-star recipe for economic disaster and increased unemployment as jobs and capital flee to more tax-friendly places; but it has nothing on Obama’s healthcare reform measures.   Sure, we have a problem when it comes to the uninsured. Paying for their medical care drives up the costs for everyone else. OK, I get that. What I don’t get is the idea that instead of simply giving these 46 million people health insurance, you have to socialize the entire American medical estab... [Read Full Article]

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