Top 5,000 U.S. Cities by Population

Today our SEO Program Director, Tim, gave me a task: compile the 5,000 most populous cities in the United States.  I figured a quick Google search would turn up such a list, but didn't have any luck.  Fortunately the U.S. Census Bureau has all the raw city data broken down by state.  Thirty minutes later, I had found the top 5,000 U.S. cities by population (based on city population estimates from July 2008).  Here is the list in Excel and CSV formats. A few notes: Technically, the list is the top 5,000 incorporated places and minor civil divisions. Interesting factoid: the 2,092th most populous city in the U.S. is Lebanon, Indiana.  It's estimated population, as of July 2008, is 15,400.  Th... [Read Full Article]