EZlocal Now Offering Web Video

It’s official, we’re now offering video as part of our effort to boost small business visibility on the web. Everything we do, from Local Maps Optimization to Advertising on Google, benefits from including video. That’s why recently we partnered with Lightswitch to introduce web video into our product offerings -- it boosts customer engagement and search engines love it. How much does Google, Bing and Yahoo love video? Sites with video are 53x more likely to appear on the first page of search results. It’s no wonder YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the US. So yeah, video is kind of a big deal. Consumers look for video, and val... [Read Full Article]

Fending Off Empty Holiday Shelves

Government, Politics, and the Economy No Rebound Yet For Smallest Businesses Confidence among America’s smallest business owners fell to the lowest level since February, according to the latest Discover-Small Business Watch. BusinessWeek.comManagement and OperationsDisaster Protection: The Need for Small Business ContinuityBusinessKnowHow has reprinted the latest edition (Fall 2009) of Disaster Recovery Journal and the article “The Need for Small Business, Business Continuity” by Mark R. Lupo. BusinessKnowHow.com Management and Operations [Read Full Article]