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EZlocal Now Offering Web Video

EZlocal Now Offering Web Video

It’s official, we’re now offering video as part of our effort to boost small business visibility on the web. Everything we do, from Local Maps Optimization to Advertising on Google, benefits from including video. That’s why recently we partnered with Lightswitch to introduce web video into our product offerings -- it boosts customer engagement and search engines love it.

How much does Google, Bing and Yahoo love video? Sites with video are 53x more likely to appear on the first page of search results. It’s no wonder YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the US. So yeah, video is kind of a big deal.

Consumers look for video, and value it in their buying decisions. Video tells a story and offers a unique glimpse into what a business offers beyond what can be summarized in a business description or a collection of photos - and more small businesses are taking note of this. The trend is obvious: 71% of Internet users watch videos, and video landing pages engage customers 5x more effectively.

Web video integrates into Google Places, Yahoo! and Bing Local, Facebook, YouTube, and Yelp as well as hundreds of relevant and high traffic search directories, social networks, online maps and mobile devices. Everywhere video goes, it helps to optimize your chances of being found and engaging new customers.

Our partnership with Lightswitch means that we can shoot, edit and deliver a professional HD video customized to your business -- faster, better and more affordably than anyone else. Whether you’re a residential-based plumbing contractor in Ames, IA or an auto repair shop in San Diego, an experienced videographer from Lightswitch will meet you on-site. It's easy, from on location to on your website in just 10-15 days!

Featured client videos can be found on our YouTube channel if you'd like to check a few out.