Small Business Lessons from the World's Best Airports

It is official, four of the top five airports in the world can be found in Asia. Yep, according to the annual Airport Service Quality Survey released this month by Geneva-based Airports Council International, the best airports on Earth are found in Seoul, Korea; Singapore, Hong Kong, and Nagoya, Japan. Rounding out the top five is Hallifax, Nova Scotia. This is great news for the airports, but as a small business owner, you are probably wondering how this announcement affects you. I am glad you asked. Whenever something is “the best” it always begs the question of why it is the best, what did the people behind whatever the best is do right that no one else did, what set them apart? So, we have to ask why these four airports are the best and why did Seoul's Incheon Airport come out on top? The answer can be found in the mindset of the people running these airports and the recognition that they need to address... [Read Full Article]