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10 Things You’re Afraid of if You do Local SEO

What do you mean I won’t rank #1 for 10 different cities?!

1. Addresses that don't exist!

An empty lot on 42nd Street in Brooklyn.An empty lot on 42nd Street in Brooklyn. Screenshot via Google street view

2. Your duplicate business listings spreading like Gremlins.

Listings multiplying after midnight

3. The best media you have to work with is a 32x32 stock photo.

Pixelated ManSource: A really crappy camera

4. Spending 30 minutes updating a business profile, only to see your session timed out.

Session Timeout

5. Being confronted with "shock and awe" scan results.

Local listing errorsModified screenshot via Yahoo Localworks

6. This happening to you on Google:

We currently do not support the locationOld Google Places dashboard (Google purgatory)

7. Or this:

Someone else has already verified this listing

8. Repeat PIN delivery failure.

Lost PIN numbers

9. 24/7 Locksmiths.

Mobile locksmith spamFlickr: 22634350@waterbottle

10. The next Google Local overhaul.

Mind blowncosbygifs.tumblr

Night Mode