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33 Reviews of the Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

Here is a list of the top 33 affiliate marketing forums.

  1. 5 Star Affiliates 
    Alexa:  134,671 | Compete: 22,639 | Members: 7,000+ | PR: 4
    5 Star Affiliates is one of the best all around sources for affiliate marketing information and networking.  Linda Bouquet, the owner of the site, does a great job of providing free resources for anyone interested in affiliate marketing.  They specialize in helping new affiliate marketers get started and pointed in the right direction.  The forum is pretty active and all topics revolve around the affiliate marketing world. The moderators are also very quick to help and answer questions.  There is also a thread for affiliate managers to post their affiliate program for feedback and review!

  2. Affiliate Forum
    Alexa:  249,190 | Compete: 452,526 | Members: 2,000+ | PR:  4
    Affiliate Forum seems to sometimes be un-moderated with the amount of "spam" posts that are posted daily, but always has a few hundred active users online at any given time.  Posts can at times receive a lot of views, but responses are few and far between.  The fact that the domain is "" guarantees them a certain amount of affiliate traffic, so even though there is a lot of spam, it's one not to ignore.  A thread for website reviews is also available here.

  3. Search Engine Watch
    Alexa:  19,877 | Compete: 3,357 | Members: 15,000+ | PR:  7
    Search Engine Watch Forums is a very popular forum for SEO and affiliate marketing topics.  The more active in the community you are, the more boards and threads that you have access to post to.  They have a small section dedicated to affiliate marketing but still gets a lot of traffic and attention.

  4. Affiliates 4u
    Alexa:  74,834 | Compete:  73,596 | Members: 26,000+ | PR:  4
    Affiliates 4u is a great forum with a lot of activity.  Based out of the UK, they focus on UK affiliate programs, but also has a section for all other countries as well.  The general affiliate marketing threads are universal, but they focus on talking about affiliate programs that are most successful in the UK.  This forum is very active, with 1,000 users online at any given time.

  5. Affiliate Link
    Alexa:  589,606 | Compete:  948,353 | Members: 500+ | PR:  1
    Affiliate Link is much smaller and less active than most of the affiliate forums out there.  There is enough activity to get some results from joining the community, but would not spend as much time as the rest of them.  You will at most see 20 or 30 active users online.  With only 575 total members, there are better places to spend time.

  6. Affiliate Helper
    Alexa:  123,493 | Compete:  123,863 | Members:  1,000+ | PR:  2
    Affiliate Helper is a small forum with about a dozen threads pertaining to affiliate marketing, building a website, and general "making money online" ideas.  This is more active than Affiliate Link, but seems to be fading fast. 

  7. Revenue Source 
    Alexa:  121,162 | Compete:  218,551 | Members: 21,000+ | PR:  5
    Revenue Source covers topics ranging from affiliate marketing, reseller programs and also site design and development threads.  They give affiliate managers the option to list their affiliate program for a review although it must be approved by a moderator before posting, you can get decent traffic from here.

  8. DNForum
    Alexa:  19,046 | Compete:  13,545 | Members: 60,000+ | PR:  5
    The DNForum is one of the more popular forums for all online marketing techniques and ideas.  Thread Categories range from Domains, Content Development and Affiliate Marketing.  They have free forums, and also upgrades are available to be able to post in the "Platinum" or "Gold" members only threads.  These threads usually allow you to advertise a product or service or help wanted types of categories.  All around a good resource and a very active forum.

  9. Associate Programs
    Alexa:  53,810 | Compete:  17,447 | Members:  18,000+ | PR:  6
    Associate Programs is another good resource with very helpful moderators. Allan Gardyne runs this website and personally answers many questions asked on the forums by new affiliates.  They focus on providing information and resources for new affiliates, while providing a thread for website reviews and other general online marketing strategies.  It doesn't have the most members but members are high quality.

  10. Affiliates Directory
    Alexa:  101,479 | Compete:  161,811 | Members:  3,000+ | PR:  5
    The Affiliates Directory is a small forum that is attached to an actual directory of affiliate programs.  You can create an account to list your affiliate marketing program in their directory.  The forum is not very active, but good to get link exposure if you make a few posts with your affiliate link.

  11. WebProWorld
    Alexa:  81,225 | Compete:  23,686 | Members: 66,000+  | PR:  6
    WebProWord covers a wide range of topics.  The biggest topics here are in the Search Engine talk and webmaster tools and programming tricks.  They do have one affiliate marketing thread which is pretty popular.  A good all around source.

  12. Click Consultants
    Alexa:  60,286 | Compete:  146,022 | Members: 2,500+  | PR:  3
    Click Consultants is a very, simply clean forum that focuses primarily on affiliate marketing topics, and affiliate publisher information.  Also has a "Learning Center" with affiliate resources available.

  13. Conquer Your Niche
    Alexa:  59,557 | Compete:  162,351 | Members:  40,000+ |PR:  3
    Conquer Your Niche topics range from marking, traffic generation, to general marketing.  They don't offer specific affiliate categories, but under general marketing is where you will find a lot of affiliates actively post here.

  14. Webmaster Talk
    Alexa:  38,048 | Compete:  14,852 | Members:  62,500+ | PR:  3
    Webmaster Talk is a great forum that covers all of the main topics for webmasters and online marketers.  They dedicate a lot of threads to programming and database questions.  This is a very active forum, with usually 500 people online at any time.  They are strict about spam, so be careful not to spam your links right away!  This is a great forum to become an active member of the community in.

  15. eWealth
    Alexa:  51,433 | Compete:  106,636 | Members:  n/a | PR:  4
    eWealth focuses on the individual affiliate networks and clickbank offers.  They have some threads that offer affiliate resources and also a place available for website design reviews and feedback.

  16. ExperienceAdvertising Forums
    Alexa:  143,008 | Compete:  131,090 | Members:  600+ | PR:  4
    ExperienceAdvertising Forums is a small, basic forum that covers some general affiliate topics, SEO, and web design.  There are only 8 categories available and a lot of the text on the site is red!

  17. Forum for Webmasters
    Alexa:  1,000,000+ | Compete:  131,090 | Members:  9,000+ | PR:  4
    Forum for Webmasters is another small, simple forum that has 9 categories that relate to web design and web development.  They offer a thread for website reviews, and two threads that relate to affiliate marketing, and making money online.  Not a lot of activity, but worth a post or two.

  18. More Niche
    Alexa:  59,792 | Compete:  43,583 | Members:  29,500+ | PR:  4
    The headline for their forum is simple:  A meeting place for affiliates, merchants and the MoreNiche team. Honesty, transparency and effective communication between all parties.  4 Categories that keep it simple...  General talk, affiliate talk, and link exchange requests.

  19. SitePoint
    Alexa:  3,011 | Compete:  2,615 | Members: 277,000+ | PR:  7
    SitePoint is by far one of the most popular forums for affiliates or internet marketers.  They cover all major topics that relate to programming, web design, affiliate marketing and other SEO.  They also offer the Sitepoint Marketplace which you can purchase premium listings and other upgraded listings for premiere placement.  With 277,377 members, becoming an active member of the sitepoint community will be great exposure for you long term, and a great place to network with others.

  20. Warrior Forum
    Alexa:  12,648 | Compete:  10,137 | Members: 93,000+  | PR:  4
    Warrior Forum is also a very active site that focuses on general online marketing and discussions on making money online.  They also offer programming and design support threads and other threads to network or share your products with others.  Another great forum that will benefit you to become a spirited active member.

  21. DigitalPoint
    Alexa:  2,075 | Compete:  1,708 | Members: 200,000+ | PR:  7
    DigitalPoint has been called the best and the worst of internet marketing forums.  They have one of the most active forums with on average 2000-3000 active members online at any time.  The threads they offer cover all of the major online marketing topics.  This forum is hit with a lot of spam naturually because of the amount of people that are active here.  Even with this fact, becoming active on DigitalPoint is sure to give you good exposure.

  22. iWebTool Talk
    Alexa:  21,182 | Compete:  8,658 | Members: 13,000+ | PR:  3
    iWebTool primarily covers general webmaster and programming threads.  They also offer a "marketplace" to buy and sell domains, or if you would like to post a service you are looking to purchase.  They also offer a website review thread and some general online marketing threads that you will find active affiliate posts.

  23. WickedFire
    Alexa:  80,498 | Compete:  22,403 | Members: 29,000+ | PR:  4
    WickedFire has a lot of great topics for internet marketing and making money online.  They claim to be the "bad boys" of the internet forums because they consider themselves to be R rated.  You must become a true active member of the community in order to post on this site, otherwise you will very quickly be flamed and banned from the site.  They do not take spam lightly here.  If you do get a foothold, you will find a lot of successful affiliate marketers to network with and you will gain a lot of exposure to links you might post here.

  24. Affearners
    Alexa:  20,7595 | Compete:  406,248 | Members: 1,500+ | PR:  3
    Affearners is a semi active forum thats covers mainly affiliate marketing and affiliate networks.  They have a few web design threads here but the focus is on the affiliate world. 

  25. X10Hosting
    Alexa:  9,451 | Compete:  38,085 | Members: 147,000+ | PR:  3
    X10Hosting primary topics revolve around website hosting and website design topics.  They have a couple of general online marketing topics which you will find affiliate marketing threads.  They offer a point system based on earning points by posting useful information and getting positive feedback from other members.  One of the more active forums available for webhosting and webdesign, but you will still find affiliates here too!

  26. DevShed Forums
    Alexa:  6,154 | Compete:  6,648 | Members: 230,000+ | PR:  4
    DevShed is a very active forum that has dozens of topics available.  One of the most universal covering the widest range of internet topics.  They have the most programming, database and networking threads.  Webdesign and marketing are all covered here as well.  With so many members, you are garunteed to find what you are looking for here.

  27. Major Geeks
    Alexa:  3,444 | Compete:  3,660 | Members: 147,000+  | PR:  5
    Major Geeks is primarily a gaming and tech forum, but with so many members selective posts depending upon the type of exposure you are looking for can generate a good amount of traffic to your site.  

  28. The Switch Boards
    Alexa:  125, 611 | Compete:  262,419 | Members: 3,000+ | PR:  4
    A lot of general internet threads are available here, along with a "Critique my website" thread to help generate some more traffic and feedback.  Small community, only worth a few posts.

  29. ABestWeb
    Alexa:  56,031 | Compete:  16,223 | Members: 47,000+ | PR:  5
    ABestWeb has a majority of affiliate marketing threads, with a very active userbase.   With 774,000 posts and an average of 2,500 users online at any time, this is another one of the top forums to become an active member of.  They are also very strict about spamming and affiliate links, so make sure to be an active community member.

  30. NetAffiliateTalk
    Alexa:  919,287 | Compete:  950,368 | Members: 100+ | PR:  2
    NetAffiliateTalk  as of now only has 101 members.  The few posts and threads that exisit now do recieve a high volume of views, but not many responses.  This might be worth only a few minutes for an introduction post, or a website review post.

  31. The V7 Network
    Alexa:  45,884 | Compete:  13,934 | Members:  47,500+ | PR:  5
    V7 focuses on online marketing, web development, and web design.  With over 500 online on average at any time of day, this is a good, active solid community to become part of.  They also offer a webmaster marketplace to offer seo or other web services to readers.

  32. SEO Chat Forums
    Alexa:  23,596 | Compete:  5,206 | Members:  47,000+ | PR:  4
    Seo Chat covers all of the main online marketing and search engine optimization categories you need.  This is a very active forum, with 400 people online on average at any time.  Another good one to become active on.

  33. Wealthy Affiliate Forum
    Alexa:  38,946 | Compete:  31,505 | Members: n/a | PR:  4
    Wealthy Affiliate Forum is part of the membership you can purchase to gain access to a large variety of benefits and affiliate resources.  They garuntee to get you more exposure by becoming a member.
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