Introducing Zuluz: The Next Generation of Local Search

Frequent visitors to EZlocal may have noticed a change to our search in the last week. Gone is the conventional two-box, location-based local search. Taking its place is an exciting new search, which now offers three dimensions: "what", "where" and "with". Capably filling the role of the "with" criteria are our beloved zuluz.

Zuluz Preview

In the coming weeks we will tell many stories about the creation of zuluz. You will learn of our palindrome obsession and love of the letter "Z". You will learn how we decided upon the name "zuluz" and what it means. You will even learn about the new patent pending technology that supports this third dimension of local search. All in good time. First, a quick zuluz primer:

  • Zuluz are meaningful, searchable business attributes that add extra specificity to your local queries.
  • One or more zuluz can be selected at the point of search. Or, zuluz can also be used to narrow results after a search.
  • Zuluz can be earned, claimed by the business owner or awarded if certain criteria are known to be met.
  • There are currently 16 search-friendly zuluz categories:
    • Open 24 Hours
    • Credit Cards
    • Public Restrooms
    • Community Hero
    • Handicap Accessibility
    • Multi-lingual Business
    • Senior Friendly
    • Thumbs Up
    • Open Late
    • Child Friendly
    • Wi-Fi Hotspot
    • Charity Friendly
    • Pet Friendly
    • Commitment to Green
    • Healthy Menu
    • Favorite

No Zuluz - Old and Busted

Zuluz - New Hotness

Stay tuned! These are exciting times here at EZlocal!